Win at Life

The App of Life challenges you to play your life as a game. Earn points through the triumphs of your own real life experiences, and the App of Life will track your progress as you make the right moves. Win in the app while you get healthier and happier.

Earn Points

Earn (or risk losing) points through moves you make in the real world, and the App of Life will track your progress and wins. Each move falls under a category: Health, Culture, Social and Spiritual.

Whether you work out or have a good time with friends – you’ll always earn points when you make winning moves. You can also earn points for confessing a vice or silly mistake. So go ahead and post about that cheesecake binge you had. But post too many fails, and you could lose points! Feeling lucky? You can spin the wheel to try to earn even more points.

A picture says a thousand words. Capture the pinnacle moments of your life right through the App of Life for more points. As you play the game, the App of Life accumulates and creates a photo timeline of your life’s most rewarding moments.

Share your moves through the app, and check out what your friends are doing in real time! You can also connect your Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts with the app to share your wins and fails with a wider audience. Earn even more points when your friends like and comment on your moves.


Your current score is based on your current performance. You’ll get to see who’s ranking high on the game-wide leaderboard and how you compare. Check out which moves your friends are making to earn points, and try new activities to improve your score! The App of Life is free so download it and go for it!

About App of Life

The App of Life challenges users to play their life as a game. Earn points through the triumphs of your own real life experiences, and the App of Life will track your progress as you reach goals big and small. Win in the app while while you get healthier and happier.

To players, the App of Life is a social game for sharing with your friends as you journey through life’s challenges and victories.

To businesses, App of Life is a platform for engaging and rewarding employees and customers who are improving their lives through experiences that take place in the real world.

Free, Pro, & More

There is always a free version so everyone can play App of Life.
Go PRO when you get serious.
For contests and wellness programs contact us.


How do I get App of Life?

Click on this link from your iPhone or desktop computer to download App of Life from the iTunes Store.

How do I invite my friends?

You can invite friends from Facebook, your contacts, via e-mail or by searching for new friends within App of Life. Just click on the friend + icon in the upper left hand corner of the home screen to get started.

What do I get out of App of Life

The goal is to make your life better by gaming it. Playing App of Life is a real world game changer. The more you play App of Life the more balanced and rewarding your real life will be. It takes a few days to build points and hit your stride – go for it!

What does it mean to play my points?

By hitting Play Points you are gambling your points on a roulette wheel. You can gain points, lose points or push (break even). Once you have chosen to play your points you must post that move, there is no going back. You can always post moves without playing your points.

App of Life

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App of Life is available in the iTunes Store now!


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